TRIXERONE™ est un complément alimentaire de la performance masculine. Complément avec ZMA, Tribulus, arginine et Ginseng – testostérone homme performances.


2200 mg

ProNO-ZMa-Testo-GH # 1

ZMa, Pro‐GH Peptide™ (L‐Arginine, L‐Lysine, L‐Citrulline), Testofen®
Zinc supports blood testosterone levels
Fenugrec, Eleutherocoque and Rhodiola extracts contribute to physical and mental energy

100 GreenCaps™ capsules – 40 days


As the Aminoscience® specialists, the scientific teams at NHCO Nutrition® have developed TRIXERONE™, a performance dietary supplement for men, based on 3 innovative complexes.


TRIXERONE™ is based on 3 innovative complexes:

PRO-Gh peptide™, contains L‐Arginine and L‐Lysine hydrochloride and L‐Citrulline dosed at 1640 mg per day.
Testo T3 Matrix™ concentrated in vitamin B5, which maintains normal steroid hormone production. This complex contains Fenugrec extract, vitamin D3 and Zinc to support blood testosterone levels.
D-Cort 50-23-7™ formulated from Eleutherocoque extract that contribute to physical and mental energy and Rhodiola extract that boost the resistance to physical efforts. This complex also contains Magnesium and vitamin B6 which helps reduce fatigue. Magnesium, vitamin B6 and Zinc (aspartate) are named «ZMa».


Directions Quantity/day
First 10 days 4 capsules (2 in the morning and 2 at noon)
Day 11 and after 2 capsules in the morning

This product is suitable for vegetarians.

This food supplement is not a drug. Reserved for adults, except pregnant or nursing women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, it is to be sonsumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Securely close after opening, keep in a cool and dry place.
Best to be used before: see under pillbox.



GreenCaps™ green and vegetable capsules

Average composition for 4 tablets/day
Ingredient Dosage
PRO-Gh peptide™ 1640 mg
L-Arginine HCl 1 000 mg, L-Lysine HCl 320 mg, L‐Citrulline 320 mg
D-Cort 50-23-7™ 353,5 mg
Magnesium (in the form of bisglycinate) 112,5 mg (30% NRV*), Eleutherocoque extract 120 mg, Rhodiola rosea extract 120 mg, vitamin B6 1 mg (70% NRV*)
Testo T3 Matrix™ 240 mg
Fenugrec extract 180 mg, Testofen® 40 mg, Zinc (aspartate) 14 mg (140% NRV*), Vitamin B5 6 mg (100% NRV*), Vitamin D3 5 μg (100% NRV*)
* Nutrient Reference Value.

Net weight: 79 g – Code ACL : 3401562896167