Nucléo 100™ – Gluta-SOD System™ – Natural Spectra™
(NUH #1, 200, 039)

Cellular protection

Complete supplementation formula developed based on Nucléo 100™, an NHCO Nutrition® innovation. Contains 39 ingredients including an amino acid precursor of glutathion, natural grape antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, and vitamins C and E contributing to cellular protection against oxidative stress.

56 capsules – 4 to 8 weeks


In the body, there is a natural balance between oxidative stress, created by free radicals, and antioxidant defenses.

Current lifestyles and diets tends to unbalance this status, disrupting the functioning and renewal of our cells, acting at the very heart of DNA and causing in particular premature aging of the cells.


NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories has developed a concentrated formula of 39 ingredients, NUCLEOX™, which combines nutrients with antioxidant power.

Nucleo 100™ is a specific mixture of nucleotides developed by NHCO Nutrition®. Nucleotides are the constituents of DNA and participate in fundamental processes of the body.
NUCLEOX™ also contains N-Acetyl-cysteine, an amino acid precursor of Glutathione*, encapsulated SOD* extracted from the melon and a patented natural mixture called SPECTRA 22™, equivalent to more than 2 portions of fruit in terms of polyphenol content. SPECTRA 22™ contains green tea, grape, and garlic extracts that enhance the body’s antioxidant capabilities.
Vitamin C, Selenium and Vitamin E complete the formula. They contribute to the fight against oxidative stress thus protecting the integrity of cells.

* Glutathione and SOD are part of the body’s defense system.


Directions :
1 to 2 capsules per day during a meal
4 to 8 week program
Renew according to need of use.


This food supplement is not a drug. It is recommended to respect the daily dose indicated, to be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Reserved for adults, expect pregnant or nursing women. Ask your doctor before use if you are under medical supervision. Individuals with hypothrodism, thyroid or anticoagulants treatment must consult their doctor.
Close tightly after opening. Conserve in a dry, cool place.


Food supplement
Ingrédients : N-Acetylcysteine, Spectra 22™ (grape skin and seed extract Vitis vinifera*, green tea leaf extract Camellia sinensis, juice (carrot, broccoli, green cabbage leaf, onion bulb, and garlic bulb), wheat germ, asparagus juice, tomato juice, blueberry, pomelo, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, apple, apricot, cherry, orange, blackcurrant, olive et cucumber), Nucléo 100™ (disodium salts Guanosine-5’-monophosphate «GMP», Inosine-5’-monophosphate «IMP» and Uridine-5’-monophosphate «UMP», Cytidine-5’-monophosphate «CMP», Adenosine-5’-monophosphate «AMP»), grape skin extract (Vitis vinifera) standardize in resveratrol, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), onion extract (Allium cepa) titrated in  quercetine, L-carnosine, broccoli extract (Brassica oleracea var italica), melon juice concentrate standardized in SOD (SuperOxyde Dismutase), coenzyme Q10, rhizome extract from Curcuma longa standardized in curcuminoides, natural vitamin E (D-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate), black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum), selenomethionine, anti-caking agent: vegetable magnesium stearate. Capsule: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, color : chlorophyllin.
* Contains : sulfites.

GreenCaps™ vegetable capsules

Average composition for 2 capsules/day (1215 mg)
Ingredients Dosage
Nucléo 100™ 200 mg
standardize at 77 % of CMP, GMP, IMP, UMP and AMP
Gluta-SOD System™ 370 mg
N-Acétylcysteine 350 mg, Concentrated melon juice standardize in SOD (5 000 IU/g) 20 mg, Selenium (in the form of selenomethionine) 33 μg (60%NRV*)
AC3 Q10 Complex 172 mg
Vitamin C 80 mg (100% NRV*), Carnosine 40 mg, Natural Quercetine 20 mg, Coenzyme Q10 20 mg, Natural Vitamin E 12 mg (100% NRV*)
Natural Spectra 473 mg
Spectra-22™ 320 mg (grape extract 128 mg, green tea extract 64 mg, wheat germ, carrot juice, broccoli, green cabbage, onion, garlic 7 mg, asparagus, tomato, blueberry, pomelo, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, apple, apricot, cherry, orange, blackcurrant, olive et cucumber), Grape extract (of which 5 mg is resveratrol) 100 mg, Broccoli extract standardized at 4 % in sulphorafane 30 mg, Curcuminoides extracted from Curcuma longa 19 mg, pepper extract 4 mg
* Nutrient Reference Value.
Contains caffeine, not recommended for children or pregnant or nursing women. (41 mg per 4 capsules).


Net weight: 41 g. – ACL code: 3401560266009