Innovation Aminoscience ® includes amino acids such as L-Tyrosine and taurine with plant extracts which stimulate mental and physical performances


NeuroStim-Ach™, Neuropro Connex™

Cognitive and mental performances

Innovation Aminoscience® includes amino acids such as L-Tyrosine and taurine with plant extracts which stimulate mental and physical performances, in particular Neurogen™, patented extract of Panax quinquefolius and bacopa which improve capacities of learning, concentration and memory or rhodiola which reduces tiredness bound to stress.

100 GreenCaps™ capsules – 1 month


Nootropic indicates any substance which improves the cognitive and intellectual functions.

Some substances naturally present in food or vegetable have a scientifically proven nootropic effect. These ingredients often stimulate motivation and performances and reduce the impact of tiredness or stress on the brain function.

To deal with challenging situations, both at the mental and physical levels and to help the body maintain its capacities,  NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories have developed a unique and innovative formula: NOOTONIC™.


To stimulate cognitive and mental performances, NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories have developed NOOTONIC™, a unique formula including 3 complexes of targeted ingredients.

The complex NEUROSTIM-ACH™ acts at the heart of neurons. It associates L-Tyrosine, choline and an extract of huperzia improving the cognitive activity.

The complex NEUROPRO CONNEX™ contains amino acids as taurine, Magnesium which contributes to a good functioning of the nervous system and Bacopa which helps to improve concentration and memory.

Finally, the complex PHYSIOGEN-5i™ contains L-Glutamine, associated with a patented ingredient, Neurogen™, extract from American ginseng, which stimulates the capacities of learning and improves the concentration. PHYSIOGEN-5i™ also contains an adaptogen extract of rhodiola which helps the body sustain emotional stress or physical effort, it contributes to an optimal mental activity.


Directions Morning Noon
First 20 days 2 capsules 2 capsules
Following 10 days 2 capsules
30 days. Program of 3 months or renew occasionally.


This food supplement is not a drug. It is recommended to respect the daily dose indicated, to be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Reserved for adults, except pregnant or nursing women and adults with diabetes therapy. Ask your doctor before use if you are under medical supervision.
Best used before the date indicated under the pillbox. Close tightly after opening. Store in cool, dry place.



This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

GreenCaps™ green and vegetable capsules

Average composition for 4 capsules / day
Ingredients Dosage
NeuroStim-Ach™ 846 mg
L-Tyrosine 500 mg, choline bitartrate 206 mg (equal to 83 mg of choline), Uridine-5’-monophosphate 100 mg, extract of huperzia 40 mg
Neuropro Connex™ 726 mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 300 mg, taurine 150 mg, extract of bacopa 120 mg, standardised lecithin with 20 % of phosphatidylserine 100 mg, Magnesium (bisglycinate form) 56,3 mg (15 % NRV*)
Physiogen-5i™ 685 mg
L-Glutamine 200 mg, Neurogen™ 200 mg, extract of rhodiola 200 mg, caffeine 75 mg, concentrated melon juice standardised in SOD (14 000 IU/g) 10 mg
* Nutrient Reference Value.
DMAE : dimethylaminoethanol.
SOD : superoxide dismutase.
Contains caffeine, not recommended for children and pregnant or nursing women (75 mg for 4 capsules).

Net weight: 75 g. – ACL code: 6077025