Amino acids are molecules that are naturally supplied by the diet, mainly in dietary proteins.

Amino acids are at the heart of the body’s vital processes. They play an essential role in the proper functioning of our organs. There are hundreds of amino acids in nature, but only twenty of them are found in the composition of the proteins in our bodies.

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There are 3 types of amino acids.

  • Essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce and which must therefore be supplied in the diet.
  • Non-essential amino acids, which can be produced in the body from other amino acids.
  • Semi-essential amino acids are strictly speaking part of the family of non-essential amino acids because the body knows how to produce them. However, there are many circumstances where they may be lacking and in those cases they have to be supplied in the diet.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories produce 100% of their products in Europe, mainly in France (+ 80%) or bordering countries (- 20%).

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Amino-chelated™ mineral is a patented trademark of NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories. The exact chemical term is bisglycinate. This molecule is obtained by an innovative patented process favoring assimilation of the mineral and thereby avoiding the gastrointestinal side effects that can occur when taking minerals in the form of salts (oxide, sulfate, carbonate and chloride).

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories use only Amino-chelated™ minerals in order to improve the absorption, tolerance and therefore effectiveness of oral mineral supplements.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories, specialists in Aminoscience®, only use amino acids of non-animal origin.

For example, they are obtained by fermentation to yield the active form (L-) which is then purified.

Anxious to meet the expectations of consumers, NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories have decided to eliminate titanium dioxide from all its capsules.


All of our “hard” capsules are vegetable capsules made from a cellulose derivative (cotton fibers).

All our softgels have a gelatin shell. The source of the gelatin depends on the formula and can come from fish or cattle. No pork gelatin is used.

The gelatin in the softgels is from fish or cattle. NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories do not use pork gelatin in its products.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories have eliminated the use of controversial dyes such as nitrogen dyes, iron oxide and titanium dioxide.

  1. The shells of our capsules either:
  • are dye-free, bearing the label “ClearCaps™ clear vegetable capsules”
  • contain a chlorophyll derivative, chlorophyllin copper complexes, with the label “GreenCaps™ green vegetable capsules”
  • or have ordinary caramel coloring, with the label “BrownCaps™ caramel vegetable capsules”.
  1. In our liquid supplements as well as in protein-rich foods, all dyes, if any, are of natural origin.

Some products may contain gluten or lactose. We invite you to consult the product description or packaging directly, where you will find the list of ingredients as well as the allergens. The absence of allergens in the list of ingredients does not mean the total absence of trace amounts that may be due to the presence of gluten-containing foods in production areas.

Some products may contain allergens. We invite you to consult the product description or packaging directly, which list the ingredients and specifically highlight the allergens present.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories opted for an innovative formula that acts on cholesterol but also on vascular health in general. Arteria can thus be an alternative or a complement to standard treatments and red yeast rice, with the advice of your doctor.

The EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) recently issued a scientific opinion highlighting the potential danger to consumers related to monacolins in red yeast rice, which reinforces the positioning already chosen by NHCO Nutrition® not to include red yeast rice in the composition of ARTERIA.

The soy used in VEGE PROTEIN, and more generally the soy used in our products, does not contain any GMOs. Products containing GMOs are subject to mandatory labeling.


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Most of the product directions specify the time of day at which the product should be taken. When not indicated, this means that the time of day has no impact on the product’s effectiveness.

You may want to be able to open the capsules because you have difficulty swallowing it or because you can’t digest it.

In the majority of cases this can be done and you can take only the contents of the capsules with some yogurt, fromage blanc or fruit puree.

There are a few exceptions however where it is best to take the intact capsule. This is the case for products containing probiotics (TriveplexTM, L-IntexylTM), for example. For more information and recommendations, click here.

There is no risk in continuing with the attack phase if necessary for a duration of 1 to 3 months.

As a general rule, and unless otherwise indicated by a doctor, we recommend taking a product for a maximum of 3 months, then taking a 1-month break before beginning a new program if needed. It is possible, on the advice of your doctor or pharmacist, to consume a food supplement over several months; this is the case in particular for joint or menopause products.

The majority of food supplements are compatible with each other. To best answer your question, it is preferable to contact our Customer Service for advice by specifying the products you want to use in combination.

Food supplements are primarily reserved for adults. Children should not take them without the advice of a health professional.

Some of NHCO’s food supplements state precisely in which rare cases the product is not recommended.

However, anyone following a medical treatment should ask their doctor for advice before taking food supplements. At a minimum, food supplements should not be taken at the same time as the treatments.

In most cases, with the exception of food supplements intended as sleep aids, it is altogether possible to take the evening capsule in the morning.

UV.SKIN™ contains vegetable pigments that naturally tan the skin, without the need for sun exposure. Sun exposure will enhance the self-tanning effect. Ideally, UV.SKIN™ should be started 2 weeks before sun exposure.


The products in the Health Performance range contain no doping substances. They are produced in factories that meet the very strict standards in this regard. They are already used by many athletes.

CLIMAX contains no source of phytoestrogen, such as soy isoflavones, red clover, sage or black cohosh. It is a safe alternative to phytoestrogen-based supplements.

CLIMAX does not contain phytoestrogen. It has no hormonal activity and in this respect it can be safely recommended. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

The time it takes to see the first signs of improvement varies according to each individual and her needs.

Depending on the symptom, improvement can be seen from the first few doses (sleep, stress, fatigue) and up to 3 months (hair, skin, slimming).

In general, NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories develop formulas concentrated in active ingredients. Some of them have a characteristic smell, which is not masked by any additives.

EFFLUVIUM: Depending on your sense of smell, this product may have a more or less strong smell which comes from the concentration of L-Cysteine and L-Methionine, two essential sulfur amino acids, that is to say, containing sulfur (an important constituent of keratin). Sulfur has a rotten egg smell.

ENDOMUNE: Depending on your sense of smell, this product may have a more or less strong smell which comes from the use of concentrated plant extracts, especially garlic and oregano.

If you have trouble taking the capsules, you can put your pill box in the refrigerator, since cold lessens odors, and take the capsule with meals.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories recommend taking it in the morning with a glass of water, which will have a stronger effect than if the active ingredients were diluted in a bottle of water that you drink throughout the day.

CLA 1000 and LEAN CLA do not contain caffeine and can be used as part of a slimming program.

The EFFLUVIUM™ program runs for a minimum of 10 weeks, so it’s preferable to keep it in the refrigerator after opening to avoid temperature fluctuations that could affect the qualities of the product. Also, EFFLUVIUM™ is rich in sulfur amino acids with a characteristic smell that can be diminished at colder temperatures.

It is perfectly okay to keep the product unrefrigerated for a few days, for example in case of travel or if you forget.