The NHCO Nutrition Laboratories® have specialized in the study and development of Amino Acids through AMINOSCIENCE®.

In effect, biochemical data clearly shows the benefits of amino acids and their pivotal role in profound cellular activity. AMINOSCIENCE® constitutes the study and understanding of amino acids as a whole and their application as nutritional supplements with the objective of improving physiological functions of the body.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play a central role in human nutrition. At the core of all cellular metabolisms, they provide a source of energy, are essential for protein synthesis, and perform fundamental processes for developing body tissues.

Amino acids benefit from an impressive quantity of studies that purposefully demonstrate the countless properties that they hold. Each amino acid has been the subject of biochemical, nutritional, and metabolic studies. They are active in hormonal, digestive, neurologic, and muscular functions. By gradually revealing their secrets, Amino acids are acquiring interest from men and women seeking to raise their health and quality of life.