Redensifying, anti-sagging body
JuvaGH-1200™ – Fibrotens-2100™ – BCAA Myostim™

Helps preserve firmness and elasticity of the skin
Contributes to normal collagen production
Participates in maintaining muscle mass, favors tonicity of the body
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After weight loss, aging, insufficient and unbalanced diet, or the absence of physical activity, the figure loses its tone and definition.  This is mainly due to a loss of muscle density and elasticity of the skin. At the muscle level, a decline in muscle mass is achieved; at the skin level, decreasing collagen* fibers and elastin** occurs in unsupported areas which causes sagging.

*Collagen is an inextensible fibrous protein found in connective tissue and gives resistance to tissue stretching.

**Elastin is a fibrous protein that has elastic properties. The production of these fibers by skin cells decreases with age because over time, cells become less active and regenerate more slowly.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories, the Aminoscience® specialists, developed 3 innovative complexes for the formula of ISOCINE-Fermeté™: Fibrotens-2100™, BCAA Myostim™, and JuvaGH-1200™ to facilitate the return of a firmer and more toned body shape.

 – The Fibrotens-2100™ complex consists of hyaluronic acid, proline and glycine , two amino acids that makes up collagen, and marine collagen which helps preserve firmness, suppleness, and elasticity of the skin.
NHCO Nutrition® has incorporated vitamin C to the Fibrotens-2100™ which contributes to the formation of collagen; it also contains vitamin A and zinc, which are all necessary to preserve normal skin. This set of nutrients helps fight against loosening skin.
BCAA Myostim™, the second complex of ISOCINE-Fermeté™, contains essential amino acids made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, also known as BCAA. They constitute 30% of muscle fibers.  The significant concentration of proteins and amino acids in the formula ISOCINE-Fermeté™ helps increase and maintain muscle mass, promoting a firm and toned body.
Lastly, the JuvaGH-1200™ complex has two specific amino acids, arginine and lysine, which have a dosage based on scientific studies; it also contains glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the body, located particularly in muscle.
Thanks to these three complexes, ISOCINE-Fermeté™ helps your body fight against loosening skin for a younger and toner figure.

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