About us

At the cutting edge of research and innovation in the field of nutritional sciences, NHCO Nutrition® laboratories today are key players in the food supplement industry. They design and distribute their products to pharmacies and drugstores in Europe and all over the world.
With a strong presence of more than 20 years in healthcare, NHCO Nutrition® scientists are specialized in amino acid research and the development of amino acid-based formulas. This constitutes the foundation of their expertise: Aminoscience®.

Aminoscience® enables us to offer complete and specific combinations of amino acid complexes that react effectively on physiological functions of the body.

Amino Acids are molecules that were found at the origin of life, they are essential for the regular functioning of our organs, acting at the center of our cells. The Amino Acids are natural compounds made partly by our body and partly by nutrients from our diet.

The NHCO Nutrition® laboratories offer a wide variety of products that provide a response to health needs as well as products for all types of physical activity enthusiasts.
All products benefit from quality and safety based on EU regulations and from collaboration with international research centers and laboratories.

Research & Development

The objective for NHCO Nutrition® is to develop products that provide specific, powerful, and highly technical responses for individuals seeking efficient solutions due to the applied expertise of technical skill, formulation, and industrial precision of amino acids.
With the rich experience of its team and its partnership with international research and development centers, NHCO Nutrition® proposes the most advanced solutions to improve daily performance.

NHCO Nutrition® uses its own nutritional complexes that combine amino acids to plants, vitamins, and minerals. Together the amino acids and the other different ingredients in product formulations have undergone numerous scientific studies and demonstrated their properties and nutritional qualities.

R&D (Research and Development) is continuously ongoing in order to develop the latest innovations and propose the most technical and efficient solutions. The two main objectives of the NHCO Nutrition® R&D team are: innovation and security.

Quality Standards

Aware of the importance of optimal quality, NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories have integrated a Quality System based on 8 main commitments :

The NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories guarantees the best sources of nutrients and ingredients that enter the composition of their products.  Each one is selected on a criterion of efficiency, bioavailability (in particular for vitamins and minerals), as well as purity.  Each ingredient is strictly authorized in France and Europe.  Components are subject to strict control rules.

The production of our dietary supplements is governed by strict adherence to good manufacturing practices and hygiene (GMP / GHP).  HACCP principles (“Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point”) are scrupulously applied to identify potential risks and also to better control them to ensure safe products.

All formulas from our products are developed starting from precise specifications, setting every stage from development to production. All manufactured products have a complete batch folder that can trace the origin of each of the constituent ingredients.

Every NHCO Nutrition® package strictly lists the content of the product, ensuring total transparency to the consumer.  The Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) are respected and the instructional use is clearly indicated, they are accompanied by an explicit warning label underlining the importance of respecting the indicated doses and restrictions if applicable.

Systematic scientific monitoring is carried out on the latest discoveries in order to offer customers the most effective products.  Each product must, in advance, meet the formulation requirements validated by scientific literature before being placed on the market.  Great importance is given to formula dosages, which are intended to be appropriate and effective.

All new NHCO Nutrition® products are subjected to submit a declaration to the competent authorities before placing them on the market. It is the only food category targeted for the general population to be subjected to this obligation.

A strong requirement by the Laboratories is that training is subjected to a follow-up program by the teams, under well established methods.  This ensures the most enlightened advice from representatives to the consumers, as well as the correct use of the products.

NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories will make every effort to satisfy their consumers, both in terms of product quality and customer service.

The NHCO Nutrition® Laboratories are ISO 9001 certified and are involved in the recycling of products by informing consumers waste-sorting instructions.